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We specialize in analysis, design and development of custom ERP, CRM and CMS solutions, built to satisfy the needs of our customers' specific and often unique business models. Our experience allows us integrate the best practices coming from different application domains and to deliver innovative, reliable and flexible solutions.

Our products are built using Open Source technologies, focusing mainly on Java/JEE as well as PHP architectures, selecting the most appropriate tools based on a project's overall requirements. In order to deliver versatile and flexible solutions, our products are often integrated with applications built for mobile devices so as to provide an outstandingly functional user experience.
RationalDynamics is also open to bringing together its experience and skills with those of other companies, in our most recent joint venture we have teamed up to enrich and transform a strategy/simulation MMO (Massively Multiuser Online) web oriented gaming platform, into a content delivery platform especially suitable for eCommerce and eTourism, to name but a few.
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