A platform for exploring a territory and interacting with its environment using graphically rendered and 'gamified' maps. Users can move around the map, familiarizing with the environment, shopping for goods and services, interacting with others, gathering additional information about the town or area. It is a new, entertaining way of promoting tourism, commerce and culture for a territory, whilst remaining open and customizable for a plethora of other possible applications.


A brokerage control system used for sales of goods and services. A sophisticated set of functions are available lets a broker define and monitor the commissions applied by the system on transactions. All transactions between buyers and sellers go through the system and are done via all major credit cards and online payments systems such as PayPal.
SmartBroker also includes a set of applications for mobile devices, designed for brokers and for buyers/sellers. The apps allow brokers to remotely access the system's functions whilst the version for buyers and sellers allow entering new transactions and monitor the status of existing ones.


An integrated solution for efficiently running an online eCommerce activity. The multi front-end feature drives multiple eCommerce sites from one (or more) shared item warehouses. Running separate sites for different products or item categories means creating the proper shopping experience even for the most demanding customers. Amongst the many features, MultiCommerce manages drop shipping, B2B interfaces with suppliers, B2B interfaces with comparison shopping websites and more.


A solution for managing sporting clubs, spas, gyms and fitness centres, both single and multi-centre facilities.
The administration module caters for all administrative task including CRM functions to efficiently manage customers and increment retention rates.
The trainers module is designer to manage the technical aspects of training, encompassing periodization management, training schedule/protocol construction, skin-fold and body mass distribution analysis, somatochart tracking of training goals. Training schedules are stored in a common library where they can be used as templates so that a trainer need not start from scratch every time. Schedules can be printed out and handed to customers, but customers can also access, annotate and analyze their schedules and protocols online by filling in training data, visualizing statistics and progress charts, interact with trainers, and more.


A system designed specifically for Human Resource Agencies and body rental companies, covering all phases of the process starting from recruitment, CV analysis and skill inventory, through to the assignment of candidates to clients and projects. A detailed history of every change to candidate, customer and supplier information is always available, making it simple to track the professional careers of the candidates as well as of Project Managers / HR Managers. Keeping in touch with people has never been so simple.