Development Outsourcing

We offer outsourcing services for software development, delivering high quality and cost effective custom applications. Our experience spans various IT domains, including and not limited to the following: IT-management & telecommunications, insurance & healthcare, financial services, enterprise manufacturing, network & data visualization, mobile applications, social networking, eCommerce.
Once engaged, we adapt to our customers' needs or requirements as follows:

  • Cooperating with your software development team or offloading the customer of all development burdens by taking on the project with our resources.
  • Using our tools, platforms and frameworks or complying with the customer's development standards and methodologies.
  • We can work on your project strictly following your detailed specification documents or we can play a more active and creative role and create the specifications ourselves, based on your general instructions and using our knowledge and experience.
  • Providing the customer with constant feedback on the project status and access to a working prototype or test system even before reaching project milestones.
  • Encouraging as much feedback as possible from the customer to assure the project is heading towards the desired goals and to anticipate requirement changes.


Whether adopting a new technology or wanting to start off a project on the right track, the need might arise for guidance and advice during a project's inception and throughout its life cycle. With the increasing complexity of the software components comprising a system, expert support is and invaluable resource to readily overcome a project's stumbling blocks and dead ends.
We provide a broad array of services to help our clients take full advantage of the benefits of open source by:

  • Providing professional support for open source products
  • Providing training and mentoring for open source technologies and products
  • Performing architecture analysis, evaluation, tool selection
  • Customizing open source products to integrate with commercial, proprietary and other open source products
Consulting can be delivered through various models. Examples include support for a few days per week over a limited period of time, or "just in time" activities for very specific and usually technically complex situations. Other projects might require constant guidance through prolonged periods of time, possibly including different kinds of professional skills. The type of intervention needs to be determined on a project by project basis and is always planned and discussed with the customer.